Code development

The present project is aimed to develop a computer program for solving 1-D unsteady ‘Couette Flow’ problem. Hereafter, the program developed in this project is called ‘CouetteFlow’.

CouetteFlow Code summary

The source code contains two directories, ‘io’, and ‘main’, for input/output related sources and main solver routines, respectively. ‘CMakeLists.txt’ file is also included for cmake compiling.

$ cd CouetteFlow/CODEdev/src/
$ ls
$ CMakeLists.txt  io  main

The io folder has io.F90 file which contains ReadInput(), WriteRMSlog(), WriteDataOut() subroutines. it also includes input directory which contains a default input.dat file.

The main folder is only used for calculating essential subroutines required to solve the ‘Couette Flow’ equation by using implicit-explicit finite difference approximation. The main routine is run by main.F90 which calls important subroutines from main folder itself and io folder when needed. All the fortran source files main folder contains are listed below:

> main.F90
> Parameters.F90
> SimulationSetup.F90
> SimulationVars.F90

Details of CouetteFlow development

The schematic below shows the flow chart of how the CouetteFlow code runs.